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Happy 8th Birthday r/Polandball!

On this very day, eight long years ago, a Serbian by the name of /u/767 created a little subreddit called /r/Polandball. No one really expected much of this subreddit at first, but over these years, it has grown tremendously. From a tight-knit club that only a few people held close to their hearts, it has ballooned to over 480,000 subscribers, all enjoying this medium that they have brought to fruition.So, with all of our hearts, we shall thank the creators who put out great comic after great comic onto the subreddit, the moderators who keep the quality of our comics at professional levels, and even the mere subscribers and lurkers of /r/Polandball, for being here to enjoy all we have to offer. Thank you.With each anniversary, it is customary to look back on the days of old, at the first few years of the sub, back when it only had a few thousand subscribers. This time, however, we shall look back further. Back before the sub was created, back before the concept of Polandball was even invented on Krautchan. No, for the 8th anniversary of this sub, we are looking back to the 8-bit era. The people who have brought this theme to fruition with their amazing backgrounds, animations, and other drawings scrolling past today are:/u/AndyRedditor/u/Bittlegeuss/u/burritoburkito6/u/Challis2070/u/Half_cooked_rice/u/hexcodeblue/u/ImBatPenguin/u/jackson_games_cb/u/JPtoony/u/just_wait_a_sec/u/Katalpa/u/krampent/u/Lucky_Numbr_7/u/Lupiv/u/Medibee/u/pyram1de/u/raispartam/u/TheSnipenieer/u/Toucandigit/u/wikipedia_org/u/Zilvermeeuw/u/XxX-datboi69_XxXAdditionally, we should thank /u/AndyRedditor and /u/Blackfire853 for helping to coordinate this mess, and thank the wizard himself /u/javacode for putting all our pieces of art together in a beautiful work of CSS.Be sure to celebrate in the comments with the ##SPECIAL TEXTBOXES and with meta comics aplenty.ALL YOUR SUBREDDIT ARE BELONG TO US.To shout like that simply add 2 hashes ## at the beginning of your text, like so: ##ALL YOUR SUBREDDIT ARE BELONG TO US.