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Today is Lebanese Independence Day!

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The 22nd of November, the day Phoenicia returned!Marhaba, habibis!The French Mandate over Lebanon ended 76 years ago to this day. The independence movement from foreign rule dates back to the Old Testament, but it was only in the sixteenth century and beyond that the struggle for self-determination began. On November 22, 1943, the Lebanese government was released from French imprisonment.Although small and (to many) insignificant, Lebanon is both a founding member of the United Nations and the Arab League. Three-quarters of a century and three wars later, Lebanon is still kicking. Today we celebrate the nation of Lebanon and her people with this event!This header shows off Lebanon’s rich history, culture, and cuisine. From shawarma to rich Lebanese chocolate, the amazing coexistence of three major religions and their respective sects, and taking in refugees of various ethnicities, to the conquest after conquest of this land. It goes to show just how diverse, colorful, and resilient this little land from the Middle East can be.Many thanks to:/u/bananasAreViolet/u/Bittleguess/u/easternjellyfish/u/GeorgiusNL/u/las_facepalmas/u/MoveElit/u/PescavelhoTheIdle/u/Social_Yoshi/u/qeqqa/u/stopinfidel/u/Tanwenxi…for carrying out this event, and special thanks to /u/Barskie for being our helpful CSS wizard! We couldn’t have done this without you!To join in the festivities, simply add two hashes (##) at the beginning of the row, like this:Eid Isteklal Saeed!